May 7th, 2016 Friends of Hungary

The third Friends of Hungary Foundation world conference in Budapest, Hungary.

The Foundation's central theme was the 1956 Revolution’s sixtieth anniversary. There were 150 participants from all over the world at this conference in Hungary. The conference started with a reception at the  Sándor Palace where President János Áder welcomed everyone and was continued at the National Parliament where László Kövér, Speaker of the Parliament received everyone.

On the second day of the three day conference Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech after which there were informal conversations with the participants. Tony Kez, Vice President of the Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce presented Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Dr. Anthony Horvath’s book  CAPITALlessISM. His book analyzes how a national economy without financial resources can be made strong harmoniously within a globalised economy. Dr, Anthony Horvath, business and economic advisor, is also director of the Hungarian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Photo:  Tony Kez, Vice President of the Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister Orbán Viktor, E.Sylvester Vizi, Chair of the Board of Trustees