“CAPITALlessISM” is a new CAPITALISM with virtual E-capital, proposing healthy globalization built with healthy national economies.

Lack of capital is the main source of any  economic crisis, inequalities and radicalization, causing many problems everywhere.

Dr. Anthony Horvath, Phd suggests the creation of a national E-capital process to support healthy national economies which would in turn would support PEACEFUL and Strong GLOBALISATION.

Dr. Horvath likens a healthy economy to a healthy body. A healthy body requires an autonomous blood circulation and a creation system. The same way a healthy national economy requires healthy capital circulation and  a creation process, with a single public-bank coordinating the entire capital circulatory system.

“CAPITALlessISM”, Published in 2015, is considered the only book with a scientific and mathematical theory to support the rationale of a national economy,  as a prelude to having a healthy peaceful harmonized globalized economy.