August 3rd 2009: meeting with the mayor of Szekszárd István Horváth

Szekszárd's mayor István Horváth and Tony Kez the vice president of the Chamber meet to discuss collaboration possibilities.

Horváth István whom is also the President of the Association of Szekszárd and its Regions would like to find ways to improve Szekszárd's economy and help the local wine producers sell more wine. He thinks the economy will improve with the new highway, M6 being finished, especially luring local Hungarian tourists. 

The mayor said it is important that international tourists and markets are reached. He realises the only way more North American tourists will come to Hungary and buy more Hungarian wines etc is if they are aware of these possibilities.

This is why it is important to find ways to reach the North American market economically. He thinks it is important that the chamber is supported for just this reason. István Horváth invited Tony Kez to continue discussing potential collaboration during the harvest festival in September.

Mayor Horváth István (right) attending the harvest festival