September 2nd 2011: Trade mission

The HCCC travelled to Nagyvárad, Transylvania, Romania to meet with the Romanian Hungarian Transylvanian National Council.

Tony Kez, Vice President, and János Bota of the HCCC met with Tibor Toró, Executive Chairman, and Jenő Mátis, Economic Advisor, of the Romanian Hungarian Transylvanian National Council (RHTN).

The purpose of the mission was to explore our common goals and to discuss how we can co-operate to assist Transylvanian Small and Medium Enterprises in gaining access to the North American market.

   Left to right:
   Tibor Toró, Executive Chairman RHTN
   Tony Kez, Vice President HCCC
   Jenő Mátis, Economic Advisor RHTN
   János Bota, member HCCC

In front of the office of Tőkés László  
Hero of the Romanian Revolution of 1989