September 30th 2011: Queen's Executive MBA Team gives a presentation in parliament

Dr. Csaba Hende, the Defense Minister’s staff arranged the parliamentary visit for the Executive MBA team from Queen’s University.

After the private tour of the parliament building, a presentation was given about the promising potential of the Hungarian economy by Tony Kez (VP, HCCC). The Executive MBA  team gave a presentation about their project requirements for the Ozone Generator project and provided an overview of the technology to the different ministries. Robert Tóth, Department Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Developmnet Unit of Pollution Control for the Ministry of Rural Devlopment explained the Montreal Pact where it has been agreed that Methyle Bromide, still used in agriculture, is to be phased out because of its harmful effects on the environment. He stressed that the Ozone Generator is potentially one of the best solutions to phase out Methyle Bromide. Those present felt that the government should be supporting such projects in Hungary. Once again we urge the government to get behind Hungarian projects to support the “Made in Hungary” strategy.