June 19th, 2012: Meeting with the ICT Association of Hungary

Creative ways of working together with the ICT Association of Hungary

The Chamber had a meeting with IVSZ - the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Association of Hungary on Tuesday. Tony Kez (Vice-President at the Chamber's Canadian division) and Dr. Anthony Horvath (Director at the Chamber's Canadian Division) were invited for a dinner at a Wine Kitchen in Budapest, Hungary. The Chancellor, Attila Dobos and Kinga Csizmar Communications specialist were present from the ICT Association of Hungary. The meeting was about working together to market IT companies. There are many successful Hungarian ICT companies, such as BalaBit IT Security, Prezi, LogMeln - which could be promoted further and put in the spotlight. This is what the IVSZ and the Chamber agreed to work together on: finding creative ways to market such companies.

The next day the Chamber attended a presentation by one of the above mentioned IT companies, BalaBit, about how to do business outside of Hungary. BalaBit IT Security talked about their experiences on entering foreign markets. 75% of their revenues are from export markets. The presentation was given by Balázs Keszei, Business Development Manager. The Chamber will be meeting with BalaBit again to discuss how our non-profit organization can be of service to them.