October 8th, 2012: Hungarian Diaspora Council

Bringing together all Hungarians living outside Hungarian borders.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaking at the Diaspora conference held at Budapest's historic Hungarian Parliament; Zsuzsanna Répás, Assistant Secretary of State for National Policy (left); Dr. Semjén Zsolt, Deputy Prime Minister (right).

Tony Kez, vice president of the HCCC, was mandated to represent the Hungarian Community of Montreal in the plenary session of the Hungarian Diaspora Council held on October 8th 2012 in Budapest. The Hungarian Diaspora Council's mission is to bring together all Hungarians living outside of the Hungarian borders.

Diaspora Conference Room.


Dinner at the parliament.

Crown in the Dome Room.


Lunch served on the Europa.

Martonyi János, Minister of Foreign Affairs.


The parliament interior — in Budapest, Hungary.

Dome room guarding the crown,


László Kövér, Speaker of the House, toasting before dinner — at Budapest Parliament.

Zsuzsanna Répás, Viktor Orbán, Dr. Zsolt Semjén.


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