December 1st 2015: Carrefour Europe 2015

Hungary for Business

The Portal to Central-Eastern Europe including Eurasia

Hungary’s location and excellent infrastructure is ideal for doing business in Europe and can serve as an excellent gateway to Central-Eastern Europe including Eurasia. As an EU member state it has a huge potential customer reach in all of Europe of over 500 million customers. It is a very quick, convenient and beneficial location to set up business with a highly-qualified labor force which is relatively inexpensive.

Hungary’s close ties with Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Russia enables Hungarian businesses to reach out to a wide range of nations and people with varied needs and sizeable yet unharnessed resources.

Setting up light manufacturing and logistical distribution in Hungary to service the rest of Europe is definitely an advantage. Come, visit us and we will show you the benefits.

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Location:  Hyatt Regency Hotel
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