The Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (HCCC) is based in Montreal, Canada. Our mission is to help companies develop commercial relationships between Canada and Hungary. Both countries are very dynamic and offer excellent business opportunities. Hungary is a member of the European Union and is centrally located with historical access to new markets in Eastern and Central Europe. Similarly Quebec is a natural gateway between Europe and North America with complete access to the Canadian and American markets.

The HCCC represents small and medium businesses as well as large multinationals. With our experience in both countries’ business cultures we bring a unique perspective to the table.

Governments focus mainly on multinationals. When they setup operations they create a lot of jobs, increase personal income tax revenues and improve the country’s tax base. The HCCC believes the real wealth of any society is in small and medium sized businesses. They have the greatest potential for long term growth and any wealth they generate is owned nationally and not internationally. Our focus is on these small and medium sized companies who have the same needs as the multinationals but not the resources.

Globalisation is a reality, inexpensive transportation and communications have made it so: it is truly a world of business without borders. Cities everywhere are in competition with each other to attract multinational head offices. Companies are outsourcing to different countries for cost savings. To stay competitive countries as well as companies have to evaluate their strategies to ensure they remain competitive in the long run; they must be open to new trade and investment opportunities.

This is where our chamber can play a big role. We can represent your company, find the information you need, help you with your market research and promotional activities. Please feel free to contact us so that we may discuss your needs. If these activities are of a personal interest, membership in the HCCC has its own rewards. Sponsorship of the HCCC offers greater exposure for your company, products and services along with all member privileges.