Trade and Investment Opportunities between Quebec and Hungary

Quebec and Hungary have a lot in common and should make excellent commercial partners. Their experience and respective geographical locations complement each other perfectly. They share high business and ethical standards and offer excellent business opportunities. Both societies are very dynamic and inventive.

Hungary is a member of the European Union and centrally located with historical access to new markets in Eastern Europe. Hungary’s commercial experience with Eastern Europe, Germany and Austria offers Quebec companies a reliable entry point to the European and East European markets.

Quebec is a natural gateway between Europe and North America with complete access to the Canadian, American and Mexican markets. Quebec’s experience with North American business offers Hungarian companies a reliable entry point to the North American markets.

Quebec and Hungary are export dependant with exports concentrated among a few countries. With a large percentage of the trade being done by multinational corporations it only makes sense to create other international commercial opportunities to decrease dependencies. Hungary and Quebec can open large new markets for each other.