Membership Benefits

Globalisation is a reality, inexpensive transportation and communications have made it so, competition has arisen all over the world, companies are outsourcing to different countries for cost savings. Today's communications allows anyone to reach everyone in the world instantly, it is truly a world of business without borders.

Hungary has a population of approximately 10 million while Quebec has a population of approximately 8 million people. Apart from land mass, Quebecers and Hungarians are very similar. They both have a joie de vie. We are both very inventive and an exciting people and like to have fun. Both Quebec and Hungary are very dynamic and offer excellent business opportunities. We feel that all these common traits create a very good basis for mutual co-operation therefore Quebec makes an excellent entry point into the North American markets and vice versa Hungary makes an excellent entry point into Europe.

As member of the chamber you will benefit by:

  • Networking between Canada, Hungary and Transylvania
  • A dynamic website that keeps everyone up to date of what is happening with the latest news from Hungary, Canada, Quebec and Transylvania
  • Templates such as marketing plans, non disclosure agreements etc., exclusively for our members in our password protected area. This library is being slowly being built up,
  • The possibility of our members to create their own website within the chamber’s website under the menu BUSINESSES, see our template
  • For Hungarian companies we offer visibility to the North American market
  • Are able to help SMEs with chamber’s vast network of contacts both private and public
  • In Montreal our members can take advantage of the exclusive Mount Stephen club, arrange your meetings and reception there
  • In Budapest our members can take advantage of events being arranged by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Budapest

So become a member of the Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce and help us find more innovative ways to help each other, so that we may be a more effective networking organization supporting SMEs.

Below are our membership forms in Microsoft, Word. There are 3 types of membership: Individual Membership, SME Membership and Corporate Membership.

When printing these forms please print them double sided. To do this, print one page at a time, print the first page, then put it back in the printer and print on the back side. Lets try to save paper and be environmentally conscious to save trees.

Once you have filled out the forms, scan it into your computer and send it back as an attachment. We will then send you an invoice.

Download Individual Membership form
Download Micro Enterprise Membership Form
Download Small, Medium Enterprise Membership Form
Download Corporate Membership Form


We look forward to you joining!